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So glad you stopped by so we could introduce ourselves. We are Jamie Grace and Natalie and we go way back, like cadillac seats. Growing up down the street from each other....we did a lot of life together. Family trips, school, sports, church, and sun-in (don't judge....it was the 90's). Like so many childhood friends, we grew apart and life took us separate ways until we started having babies. We were both stay at home moms, under the reign of (separate but equally as exhausting) tiny humans. Don't know exactly what, but there was something about the comfort of an old friend that was such a breath of fresh air. 

In doing the mom life together we had discussed on 458 separate occasions how grateful we are to stay home with our little angels but were in desperate need of a hobby. Natalie started beading and Jamie Grace started painting. We started getting together to have 'create' sessions and boom. Tenkin was born. 

Our mission is to create timeless pieces that plug our love for the outdoors but also the strong affinity we have for the finer things in life. That place where modern meets old world. Where primitive and sophistication marry and the texture and balance of it all has you swooning!!!

But just like we know you are much more than that beautiful face, we wanted our jewelry to be the same. Tough and able to gracefully withstand the blows life brings.  We know life isn't gentle! But you handle it like a boss and your jewelry should too.